Okuma Fishing is more than a fishing tackle company, they are committed to providing the equipment needed to excel at fishing. Whether you need a rod to battle tuna, a reel to finesse mountain trout or a shirt for your next tournament outing Okuma is your single source for quality. Each product is designed with … Continue reading "About"


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This term refers to fishing which occurs in inland rivers, lakes, stream, impoundments etc. – anywhere outside the saltwater influence. Common methods include casting from shore, boat or dock, trolling, fly fishing and even ice fishing. Almost any freshwater species can be targeted but the most common gamefish are bass, panfish, catfish, trout and walleye. … Continue reading "Freshwater"


This is a broad term used to describe fishing in ocean or tidal waters which contain salt water. It includes a variety of fishing methods including surf or shore fishing, trolling or jigging from a boat and pier fishing. Subcategories include inshore and deep-sea fishing, each of which is based upon the location and species … Continue reading "Saltwater"


Select the correct rod or reel can be a dauntless task, especially for the beginner. When matched correctly a good rod/reel combination is not only capable of handling the task at hand but will do so comfortably all-day long. The easiest way to take the guess work out of making this selection is to choose … Continue reading "Combos"


A fishing rod is more than a stick that holds your reel, it is and extension of you. Although a good rod will not make you a great angler and poor rod will definitely diminish your abilities. The right rod will assist in casting accurately & with increased distance, allow you to detect bites and … Continue reading "Rods"


The fishing reel is an integral part of your fishing tackle and when coupled with the proper rod makes the near impossible catch almost routine. The proper reel will allow you to control the deployment & retrieval of line when casting and allow you to control the pressure, or drag, applied when fighting a fish. … Continue reading "Reels"


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