Pros & Cons of Braided Line

Braided line has revolutionized recreational fishing. The combination of increased strength and decreased size has allowed angler to increase casting distance, fish greater depths and land some enormous fish on lighter tackle. But not every angler is in love with braid and with good reason – many have found it difficult to master and too … Continue reading "Pros & Cons of Braided Line"

Striped Bass 101

Striped bass, also known locally as rockfish, are one of the most sought after saltwater game fish on the east coast. Not only can thy reach weights of more than 50lbs and exhibit fighting ability that will challenge even the most seasoned angler they are also excellent table fare. Many striper fanatics spend vast amounts … Continue reading "Striped Bass 101"

Salt Water Bait Tips

Lures are a multi-million dollar industry but bait continues to be the “go to” for many salt water anglers. While lures can be an excellent means of fooling even a wary fish natural bait allows to you to skip the trickery and offer what is already a natural food source. It’s like feeding your child … Continue reading "Salt Water Bait Tips"